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  • Vinyasa Yoga


    Vinyasa is a playful style of yoga that originates from Ashtanga Yoga.


    Vinyasa consists of a creative flow of movements.


    During this flow the student can feel free to listen to their body and their needs.


    There are multiple modifications for each posture (or asana ).

    This is important in Vinyasa because as you follow the teacher's instructions, you will with commitment and ease reach the full asana (or posture).


    It is therefore essential to allow not force.


    This is a reason why Yoga is for everyone. If you have a body and you can breathe you can do yoga!


    You soon learn that you are your own guide and you control how you flow. 


    Vinyasa unlike Ashtanga is not rigid.  


    The discipline in Vinyasa is to allow yourself to be how you are, synchronise your breathing with your movements, and to continue to move without judging yourself or comparing yourself to others.


    This then allows the brain to have less thoughts and therefore allows the student to become one with the present moment. 

    When you can do this you you learn to listen to your body, you begin to feel as vibrant as a child! 

  • Méditation 


    Meditation is what we do each day but we often do not realize this. Meditation originates from our focus! 

    Whatever we focus upon constantly is what we are meditating upon.


    However we physically move through  the day is how we yoga through the day.  

    Are you aware of  your quality of breath? 

    Are you aware of your thoughts ?

    Or are you a victim of these thoughts?

    Do you think you are your thoughts?

    Do you think you are your past stories?

    Are you aware of how you feel?

    When we become aware of how we feel and of what we think, we can begin to change our focus. 


    This is meditation. Focus that leads to Peace.


    Focus is power pointed in a direction. Meditation helps to be pointed  where you want to point and not be over taken by an over active mind. 

    Meditation helps balance focus and stillness which births Peace into our lives.

    You can meditate in many ways. A walk in the forest, petting and animal...doing any activity the allows you to focus and be still, to be fully present. 

    Yoga itself is a moving meditation.


    Every day life can also be used as meditation, if we can be present most of the day and fully enjoy it! 

  • Yin Yoga 


    Yin is a style of Yoga that originates in silence. 

    This means that Yin consists of movements that are submerged in silence. 

    The asanas (or postures) that we will practice in Yin are very static and focus on opening the body. 


    We will create much needed space around the joints by going deeply into every stretch for a certain amount of time, typically 2 minutes in each asana.  

    Most of Yin will be spent sitting or lying while we discover the body from a new perspective and consciously breathe into every corner.


    Cushions and  other yoga tools are used throughout this practice. 

    It is considered a restorative practice however all Yoga is restorative.


    It is simply a slower practice and it focuses on stretching and creating space in the body and mind. 

    The discipline in Yin is to allow yourself to stay present and notice the body releasing into each asana. 


     Since we will have less movement in Yin, the mind may wander. Instead of being overcome by thoughts, just be aware, always come back to the present moment.


    The body deserves our healing powerful attention!

As well as other techniques, such as  Soundbaths and Aerial Yoga! 

Course Level will be adapted depending on each group or individual's needs.

Debutant  Intermediat  Advanced

Everyone is welcome!

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