Initial Rendez-vous

Let's begin planning!


How?  You may ask.


During our primary  rendez-vous by e-mail, phone, or a scheduled meeting. We will discuss:

  • The current desires of your group of friends, colleagues or family members.

  • This group can be composed of at least 5 to 10 students per class.

  • We will discuss how long you would like this experience to last minimum 3hrs maximum 8hrs.

  • The tarifs depend on the location chosen as well as the  duration  of the experience.

  • The experience typically consists of 1 atelier and 1 Yoga session but can also be personalised!

Choosing a Location 

Let's create the perfect space!


Where? You may ask.

We can transform any place into an Oasis even your home can be and is a place of well-being. 


Our experiences are personal so we like for the space to be as well. 

We may look together for the perfect location for you and your family friends or colleagues or you may choose. 

Choosing a Date

Let's choose the perfect moment! 


When? You may ask.


Ideally we ask that you reserve:


  • Experiences at least 1 week in advance

  • Personalized Retreats at least 2 weeks in advance

A 50% deposit is required 

to save the date



Begin your reservation



Miniumum 5 people Maximum 10 by day


Place your order now and save your date by paying 50% in advance when we contact you.

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