AIR DAVON offers and specializes in creating & organizing unique

well-being events, workshops, and retreats around the world!


Now is the time to gather your friends, loved ones,

and or colleagues to reserve a moment of well-being & fun that you will help bring together. 

Our Workshops, Retreats, and Events can currently be given in

English or French.

The name AIR DAVON

Air meaning freedom and creativity; While Davon is the founders second name meaning beloved in Hebrew and for him signifies balance. 

Any activity that we will create together at AIR DAVON is therefore based on Balanced Creative and Beloved Freedom

When you reserve one of our events, workshops or retreats this freedom will be used to blend our ideas and to put into place a truly unforgettable moment.  

                   Our well-being events will

  • Favorise a better concentration

  • Give better control of stress & anxiety

  • Influence detachment from repetitive thought patterns

  • Relieve your body from the inside out, at any age, as you detox, reset, & soothe every organ. 

  • Allow mastering of exceptional discipline, which will help to overcome any situation simply by using the tools that we are born with. 

  • Connect you with nature

        And much more...​



Come discover or organize an AIR DAVON wellbeing event, workshop or retreat for yourself with your friends or colleagues.


Where? Along the water, in a castle, in the middle of the forest, or wherever you feel at ease we will make it happen. 


Feel free to contact us here by email after visiting the site for further details.


We offer our services all over France as well as internationally


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